What were they like denise levertov essay

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Analysis of Poem What Were They Like? by Denise Levertov

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What Were They Like? By Denise Levertov

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What were they like by Denise Levertov poem?

What Were They Like? By Denise Levertov. How much has Poem Analysis Donated to Charity?

What Were They Like? By Denise Levertov

Thank you for your help. It is through advertising revenue that we are able to contribute to charity. Every single person that visits abrasiverock.com has helped contribute to this running total, so. Personal Experience and Public Events Entwined in Denise Levertov’s “What Were They Like?” and “Life at War” [Denise Levertov] has learned how to weave together private experience and public event so that both are available to the reader, to show us the inner and outer lives in conflict and in reconciliation, to integrate reportage and documentary.

The title which is ‘What were they like?’ simply implies a sense of curiosity and eagerness to understand what they Vietnam people were like. This curiosity is displayed in the structure of the poem. It is written as two stanza. The first stanza is a series of questions and the second stanza’s are the bitter answers to those questions.

IMO the title is also a question because the questions asked in the first stanza make up the "what were they like bit" Its in the past because it is referring to the vietnamese people of the past. Hope that helped.

What Were They Like? Did the people of Viet Nam Were they inclined to quiet laughter? Did they use bone and ivory, jade and silver, for ornament? Had they an epic poem?

Did they distinguish between speech and singing? Sir, their light hearts turned to stone. More by Denise Levertov. In the Dictionary of Literary Biography, Carolyn Matalene explained that "the education [Levertov] did receive seems, like Robert Browning's, made to order.

Her mother read aloud to the family the great works of nineteenth-century fiction, and she read poetry, especially the lyrics of Tennyson.

What were they like denise levertov essay
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