What makes orson welles citizen kane a classic masterpiece

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What’s so good about Citizen Kane?

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What’s so good about Citizen Kane?

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Citizen Kane and the meaning of Rosebud

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Hearst was incredible by the film's supposed depiction of Pat Daviesbut Welles always enjoyed that Susan Stephen Kane was based on Davies. – Opening fable of “The Trial” Orson Welles, to many the only true aristocrat amidst Hollywood royalty, was the owner of excessive personality at times unstable, conflicting, at others, brilliant, unmoved.

The contract that gave birth to Citizen Kane was an unthinkable gamble by RKO, but the studio had good reason to bet on Orson Welles. At 20, he lorded over Broadway, first with Voodoo Macbeth, a.

And it is still considered the best film ever made. Inthe American Film Institute polled 1, film professionals. The result was " Years Movies," and Orson Welles's masterpiece lorded over the list.

Ten years later, the AFI commissioned another poll. Citizen Kane retained the top spot. Citizen Kane, a classic American dramatic film, is considered to be the ultimate classic masterpiece and the world’s most famous and highest rated film, as it is ranked the number one best film of all time.

It is this quality that makes movies like ‘ The Tree of Life ’ or ‘Synecdoche, New York’ great; it is the same that makes ‘Citizen Kane’ great. I am still young; I am yet to entirely grasp the magnificence of Welles’ masterpiece — that will come with time.

Citizen Kane is all "about" the quest to pierce through proscenium enactment to reportorial truth; and to wonder, in the process, if even reportorial truth is the last level of reality.

The Kane sets and ambience are monstrously theatrical yet we keep going through them, behind them, above them.

What makes orson welles citizen kane a classic masterpiece
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