What is financial inclusion

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Financial Inclusion

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Financial inclusion

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Financial inclusion

Please Disable POP-UP Blocker if this window gets closed automatically without allowing you to login. Dec 14,  · Financial Inclusion At-A-Glance Financial inclusion means that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs – transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance – delivered in a responsible and sustainable way.

The main goal of financial inclusion is to improve the range, quality and availability of financial services and products to the unserved, under-served and financially excluded. The definition of Financial Inclusion should embrace certain key principles which The Banking Association South Africa considers critical for delivering a broad range of quality financial services and products to the most vulnerable in our.

“Financial Inclusion “ is the process of “Ensuring easy access to financial services and adequate credit to lower income groups and weaker sections of society”.

It’s a 3 step process, Step 1: Provide access to financial products and services.

What is Financial Inclusion Plan (FIP)?

Financial inclusion is the pursuit of making financial services accessible at affordable costs to all individuals and businesses, irrespective of net worth and size, respectively. Financial Inclusion Project defines full financial inclusion as: "The state at which all people who can use financial products and services, have access to a suite of quality financial services, provided at affordable prices, in a convenient manner and with dignity for clients.

What is financial inclusion
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