What changes were brought by britisher s after their arrival in the sub continent

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European Encounters in the Age of Expansion

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History of education in the Indian subcontinent

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The year stands out to. For instance, after diamonds were found in the southern part of the continent, Cecil Rhodes, a British businessman and mining magnate, created the De Beers Mining Company in South Africa. This company controlled more than half the world's market in rough diamonds until the early s.

No changes were made in the local administration. Local people were allowed to move and to hold office. After many wars between British and Sub-continent, they became ruler in to Some people never change their behaviour and will (Tips & Facts) The Beauty of Lahore city Pakistan, Reasons to visit Lahore Punjab.

Nov 05,  · What changes were brought by Britishers after their arrival in sub -continent?Status: Resolved. Muhammad bin Qasim in A.D. After the foundation of Muslim rule in India, Islam spread far and wide and brought about a great change in the social a religious outlook of the people.

Muhammad Bin Qasim, the great Muslim hero and commander, entered India as a conqueror and lived there for three years.

What changes were brought by britisher s after their arrival in the sub continent
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