What barriers did itc face in embarking on this project

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What was ITCs motivation for creating the eChoupal

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ITC Chairman challenged International Business Division (IBD) to generate a new business plan that would increase the division’s revenues to $ million by Learning Objective: To figure out how to improve the ineffective supply chain for agricultural goods.

(Roshni Neggehalli, Deepa Shankaran, ) BARRIERRS FACED BY ITC IN EMBARKING ON THIS PROJECT There were a number of significant barriers faced by the ITC in undertaking this high level of empowerment for the farmers and has come a long way to cover almost villages and serving almost 1 million villagers.

1 What was ITCs motivation for creating the eChoupal 2 What were the old and from ECON at York University, Glendon College What was ITC's motivation for creating the eChoupal? 2. What were the old and new physical flows and information flows in the channel?

What barriers did ITC face in embarking on this project? 5. 50%(6).


ITC eChoupal Initiative 1. What was ITC’s motivation for creating the eChoupal IBD as a division of ITC was the agricultural commodities export division and in March it was clear that it was lagging behind other divisions in the company.

What barriers did itc face in embarking on this project
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