Happy productive worker thesis

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According to this thesis, happy employees exhibit higher levels of job-related performance behaviours than do unhappy employees. For decades, since at least the famous Hawthorne studies, the happy/productive worker thesis has forcefully captured the imagination of management scholars and human resource professionals alike.

Lisa was falling behind at work. Every morning she woke up nervous about the workday ahead of her. Every evening she went home thinking of all the tasks she hadn’t gotten around to. Lisa is a year old engineer and project manager at a Danish IT company.

With business booming, keeping up had. Thus, it is unclear whether tests of the happy±productive worker thesis will be stronger using separate, unipolar measures of positive and negative a ect (e.g. Watson, ) or more con-.

The literature on the happy-productive worker thesis is rife with inconsistent findings, but overall, it suggests a general positive relationship between the two constructs. "In addition, even though no clear defined theoretical justification for a job satisfaction-performance relation, over time, this supposed happy-productive worker thesis came to be considered as fact by many" (Wright et al., ).

Happy productive worker thesis
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